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E-Cigars and Golfing

It’s likely you’ll see more then Tiger Woods and Jim Nantz on the PGA tour in 2016. You just may see some of your favorite golfers Vaping! Vaporcade is a company that has developed an E-Cigar. Their goal is full cigar flavor while taking the illness, toxicity and even the stink out of enjoying a refreshing flavorful smoke. Vaporcade’s E-Cigars can be thrown in your back pocket during your back swing and never leave you and your foursome smelling like a cigar.

Having organizations like the PGA Tour look at alternatives to cigars and cigarettes is exactly what the vaping industry is all about. Golfers have all witnessed the cigarette and cigar butts tossed around the course and greens. ...continue reading E-Cigars Changing Golf Forever

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A KTUU Alaska Report

Alaska's department of health has been the worse in the nation on misleading it's citizens on the benefits of vaping versus smoking. Greg Conley President of the American Vaping Association said "They were putting out ads and they still are placing advertising that tried to deceive the public into believing that, if you're a smoker, there's no point in switching to vapor products because they're just as hazardous," Conley said.

The state's chief medical officer, Dr. Jay Butler said those statements were taken out of context. He agreed that vaping may be a good option for a 30-year smoker looking to make a safer change! "We do see more kids using e-cigarettes now than smoking, so e-cigarettes right now are the neatest, shiniest thing and they're kind of cool so in that sense they do provide a riskier alternative to cigarettes," Dr. Butler said.

Dr Butler how are the states children getting these vaping and e-cigarette products? The industry has regulated itself just like the tobacco industry selling to 18 and over-nationwide! Quit pointing to our youth as an example of the future of this product and start getting your citizens off the cancer sticks! If you truly cared about your Alaskan youth? Cigarettes, chewing tobacco and alcohol with all it's new wonderful flavors would be banned from the market. Look up the stats on what these products have done to your state and take the same strides you took with Marijuana, hoping to introduce a better alternative to it's proven killer alcohol.

Vaping has claimed its 1st victim, she didn’t die instead voters kicked New Mexico Democrat Rep. Elizabeth Thomson out of office for her baseless attacks on vapor products and the people who use them. Read More 

Vaping has taken millions of users away from smoking, and voters are fed up with the rhetoric and senseless laws being introduced regarding vaping and e-cigs. Cigarette sales are plummeting and the tax dollars collected are hitting states in the wallet. This motivator alone impels politicians to cry for more taxes on vaping (which clearly isn’t smoking) it also fuels the fire to label vaping as unsafe, untested with unsubstantiated rumors that vaping is more harmful than smoking! These are clearly blatant lies. ...continue reading The “I Vape, I Vote” Roar Influences 2016 Elections!

In a December 29th article in the Des Moines Register. Iowa’s attorney general Tom Miller is touting the relative safety of vaporizing vs. smoking.Tom-Miller Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller stated “…People making misstatements about e-cigarettes have the best of intentions – to keep kids from being addicted to nicotine through e-cigarettes. But adults misleading kids to get them to do what we want has always been a failed strategy.” Read more…

Miller supports the idea that vaping can help current smokers kick deadly cigarette’s which kills half a million people in America annually. England just declared vaping 95% safe versus smokes.

Vaping is not 100% safe, nor is movie theatre popcorn, most of our poultry is on steroids and we digest pesticide from crops on a daily basis. Living a full life means living and smokers finally have another option that is safer than their current habit, 95% safer!