In a December 29th article in the Des Moines Register. Iowa’s attorney general Tom Miller is touting the relative safety of vaporizing vs. smoking.Tom-Miller Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller stated “…People making misstatements about e-cigarettes have the best of intentions – to keep kids from being addicted to nicotine through e-cigarettes. But adults misleading kids to get them to do what we want has always been a failed strategy.” Read more…

Miller supports the idea that vaping can help current smokers kick deadly cigarette’s which kills half a million people in America annually. England just declared vaping 95% safe versus smokes.

Vaping is not 100% safe, nor is movie theatre popcorn, most of our poultry is on steroids and we digest pesticide from crops on a daily basis. Living a full life means living and smokers finally have another option that is safer than their current habit, 95% safer!

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