MYA Classic QT 2 Hose Hookah
This hookah proves that small hookahs can smoke just as well as tall ones! Only 14 inches tall, the Mya QT hookah is as portable as it is durable. The QT's shaft is stainless steel, and the unique reverse-blown glass is extra thick (and extra strong!). 2 matching 6 foot synthetic leather hoses are included as well. The Mya QT hookah is available in glass base models and includes a pair of tongs, rubber seals, and tray.

The Mya QT hookah also features a unique wire basket instead of the traditional padded carrying case, and holds the disassembled QT snugly for easy storage or transport where larger, bulkier hookahs can't go.

MYA Petite Single Hose Hookah

Introducing the “Petite,” the world’s smallest Mya hookah! A short-statured sweet petite hookah pipe from the reputable Mya Saray that smokes just as well as any of its more lofty brethren. This tiny hookah pipe stands at 8 inches tall and comes in 6 different colors of sturdy glass. A 6 foot long Mya-stamped hookah hose in included, along with a specialty ceramic bowl and all necessary grommets for an air-tight seal. This small hookah makes a unique gift and is perfect for first time hookah smokers!

MYA Octagon 2 Hose Hookah

The Octagon is a revolution in design that only Mya can produce. Mouth blown bohemian base in various colors and solid brass stem culminate in one of a kind style. The Octagon features a black hard carrying case for protection and features tongs, bowl and washable leather hose that matches the color of your Mya. The Octagon can be converted to a four hose hookah by utilizing stem adaptors that contain the auto-seal system this eliminates the need of rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users. This hookah is also a art piece to enjoy for years to come and of course your smoking pleasure.

MYA Astro 4 Hose Hookah

Truly the ASTRO of hookah artistry, the Astro may look like an item for display purposes only. In actuality, the Mya Astro Hookah is a fully functioning, amazingly smoking, and solidly reliable pipe.

Starbuzz Shisha 50 Gram - 250 Gram

Starbuzz hookah tobacco has one of the widest selections of the best shisha flavors out of all the hookah tobacco brands as an authorized Starbuzz shisha reseller we offer dozens of Starbuzz shisha flavors to choose from. Don't miss other great products from Starbuzz like their hookah coals, or their premium line of exotic Starbuzz hookahs. Call to purchase Hookah Shisha :

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Fantasia Shisha 50 Gram - 250 Gram

Fantasia hookah tobacco is hand made in the USA and features many unique flavors, including cocktail flavors. Fantasia shisha is high quality tobacco designed for the party lifestyle.

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AL FAKHER Shisha 50 Gram - 250 Gram

We sell only Genuine Al Fakher at vapecommonsense.com. We are constantly supplying our stock of Al Fakher, so you are ensured freshness. Each box is labeled with its production date, so you are guaranteed the most flavorful of hookah smoke.

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MYA Hookah Hoses

Mya Hookah hoses are made of the highest quality leather and  these hookah hoses come in many colors. The hookah hoses are washable and will not rust or smell.

Three Kings Hookah Coals

Three Kings Quick-Lighting Hookah Coals are an internationally recognized brand of quick-lighting hookah charcoals made in Holland. Like other quick-lighting coals, Three Kings coals are available in a 33mm or 40mm size and come in the standard "disc" shape. Along with other fast-lighting hookah coals, these coals are perfect when taking your hookah around with you, as they light up easily in seconds with only a small flame.

Variety of Hookah Bowls

Find your ideal hookah bowl here! We offer a huge variety of hookah bowls to fit your needs, including multiple headed hookah bowls, replacement hookah bowls for specific hookah pipes, hookah bowls with built in wind covers, and a variety of colors and sizes to go with any hookah.

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