A New York judge handed a victory to vapers Feb. 5, declaring vape vs. smoke is not the same as smoking and e-cigarette use is not necessarily banned in all the same places as smoking.

Cigarette and Vape pen
Vape Vs. Smoke

“An electronic cigarette neither burns nor contains tobacco,” said the court.
“Instead, the use of such a device, which is commonly referred to as ‘vaping,’ involves the inhalation of vaporized e-cigarette liquid consisting of water, nicotine, a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and occasionally, flavoring.”
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As cities ban the practice of vaping which is absolute insanity. I would venture a guess that these same cities are deodorizing their office buildings with chemicals that are more harmful and contain allot of the same chemicals as a cigarette. Read more on the dangers of air fresheners.

Americans for Non Smoker Rights reports over 53,000 people die every year from second hand smoke. People do have a concern when they see a giant vape plum around an individual who's vaping. That concern stems from the dangers and proven deaths from smoke. Keep in mind vape is not smoke it's steam, or vape.

As the younger generation wants huge vape clouds, the older generation doesn't understand. It's interesting, the older generation vaping consumer would prefer less vapor, while the younger generation wants to steam up a room like a shower.  ...continue reading Vape vs. Smoke NY Judge Ruling

Happy Holiday's from The Common Sense Family! As 2016 approaches you may be looking to quit smoking and healthier nicotine choices.  Great Decision!!!

Vape Common Sense Lady breaks cigWhy decide vaping vs. smoking? Is it healthier and will you be able to enjoy vaping  vs. smoking? This video was released regarding recent findings from Public Health England (England's Health Department). Their findings suggest that Vaping is 95% safer and 40% cheaper versus smoking.

Today's products are advanced and really deliver a cessation better then smoking! As a most loved added bonus is being able to vape in the comfort of your home. See you at Common Sense wishing you the best in 2016!

-Common Sense

Why are cigarettes and traditional tobacco products such as cigars and pipes soVapecommonsense.com E-CIGARETTE expensive? Well they are heavily taxed and one of the reasons they are heavily taxed is based on they have been proven to cause health problems. Grouped in with alcohol which also has its own proven track record of adverse effects on health nicotine has cost our country. The Government takes more than its fair share of all tobacco and alcohol sales in the United States. Health contributes more than its fair share of reasoning for the taxation along with luxury.

Is the government losing money on vaporization of nicotine? The answer is a big fat YES! As the technology gets better and vaporizing becomes the exact same sensation as a real cigarette they stand to lose a good deal of tax revenue. In an economy that is less than prosperous and tax revenue not flowing in as it once was vaporizing and e-cigarettes are going to be scrutinized, investigated and analyzed for taxing by government.

Vapor vs Smoke is cheaper right now. The nicotine is not taxed like it is in cigarettes! Every smoker that switches to vapor just cost the government a $7 pack of smokes per day. Smokers are flocking to vaporizing not only because they feel better and healthier! Smokers save on average $35 per week or $140 per month. Vapor vs Smoke is healthier for your wallet! ...continue reading Vapor vs Smoke

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