Happy Holiday's from The Common Sense Family! As 2016 approaches you may be looking to quit smoking and healthier nicotine choices.  Great Decision!!!

Vape Common Sense Lady breaks cigWhy decide vaping vs. smoking? Is it healthier and will you be able to enjoy vaping  vs. smoking? This video was released regarding recent findings from Public Health England (England's Health Department). Their findings suggest that Vaping is 95% safer and 40% cheaper versus smoking.

Today's products are advanced and really deliver a cessation better then smoking! As a most loved added bonus is being able to vape in the comfort of your home. See you at Common Sense wishing you the best in 2016!

-Common Sense

There really are some exciting things coming to the world of vapor! Organic Vapor Juice is part of the evolution. There are companies that are producing vapor products that are stocked with a little caffeine to boost your day. E-juice producers are developing organic vapor juice with B12 vitamins and other vitamins and minerals.

The industry itself understands it was derived as a smoking alternative. Statistics show that most e-juice products sold contain the lowest amount of nicotine available .6 to 0% nicotine! People switching from smoking to vaporizing seem to want to be backing off the nicotine. With the trend of less nicotine the industry is listening and offering alternatives.

To understand what organic vapor juice is you first must understand the definition of organic:     or·gan·ic:
1. of, relating to, or derived from living matter. "organic soils"

  • Chemistry: of, relating to, or denoting compounds containing carbon (other than simple binary compounds and salts) and chiefly or ultimately of biological origin.
  • (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

Organic Vapor Juice contains natural ingredients and flavoring. The industry believes e-liquid, maddried tobaccoe from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, would provide you the ultimate vaping experience. Banana flavored e-juice being flavored with real banana’s-that’s organic.

Nicotine itself is taken from a plant and is organic, in fact nicotine has been proven to help with anxiety, ulcer colitis, depression, Parkinson’s disease and even diabetes! ...continue reading Organic Vapor Juice

How can you offer discount vapor supplies at these prices? That’s a common question at Common Sense. What goes into pricing the best e-juice rigs, juice flavors, vaporizers, hookah’s and all the other items you guys sell? It’s a great question and we are very fortunate to be able to offer you discount vapor supplies because we simply have less overhead.

1st of all the store is locally owned by the Hagedorn Family whom have lived in Sioux Falls their entire life. The family owns a multi-store front location downtown right across from the post office. Owning the building is the first big factor in offering discount vapor supplies. Common Sense does not have rent to pay or a payment going out to the bank every month. We pass that savings onto you!

As mentioned Common Sense is a multi store front location this brings in tenants like Total Drag “A Record Store”! We are so fortunate for our clients and music lovers to TotalDragLogohave some seriously epic neighbors-Total Drag, our neighbor, our business associate, and our friend. Vaping, our décor products, our global incense, aroma and nicotine products and Total Drag go hand and hand. Plus this benefits you when it comes to discount vapor supplies. Having Total Drag next door cuts business expense and being across from the post office saves you money on shipping. ...continue reading Discount Vapor Supplies