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The stereotype of your common vape user is youth. Most adults see vaping as a young persons trend! Young adults with ear buds, slight tattoos and piercings enjoying a stroll while vaping.

It's true the younger generations catch on to most trends first and eventually older generations follow! Unfortunately with this trend the rumor about it's harm is just that a rumor. A rumor created to not attract kids to nicotine. Nicotine isn't the problem, the problem is big tobacco and what they put in their products.

onstage during The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. 25650_018
Leonardo  vaping at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2016

Hollywood isn't waiting to vape they are celebrity vaping! Life long smokers and oral tobacco users should not wait either! If you have smoked or chewed tobacco all your life it is time for a change in the way you are using nicotine.

Vaping contains 4 products in its juice. Water, PG (Propylene Glycol), and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) along with nicotine if preferred. These products are also found in a great deal of almost all of our food except for nicotine.

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Denzel Washington Vaping

At Common Sense we have seen dozens of habitual, over a pack a day smokers switch to vaping. They tell us they don't cough all the time, their skin color is back to normal, they are more energetic and some are back at the gym. They tell us as the vape modes improve in quality the sensation is similar to cigarettes. They love their world without smoke odor and vaping has better taste. These are customers of all ages. Please do not let the stereotype of this being just a grunge, hippy or youth craze turn you off from changing your habits to a product that the country of England finds 95% safer than smoking which is vaping.

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Teens are not the only ones in America that are catching on to the vape changes in our culture. Hollywood super stars of all ages are gravitating to Celebrity Vaping!
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Happy Holiday's from The Common Sense Family! As 2016 approaches you may be looking to quit smoking and healthier nicotine choices.  Great Decision!!!

Vape Common Sense Lady breaks cigWhy decide vaping vs. smoking? Is it healthier and will you be able to enjoy vaping  vs. smoking? This video was released regarding recent findings from Public Health England (England's Health Department). Their findings suggest that Vaping is 95% safer and 40% cheaper versus smoking.

Today's products are advanced and really deliver a cessation better then smoking! As a most loved added bonus is being able to vape in the comfort of your home. See you at Common Sense wishing you the best in 2016!

-Common Sense

New Zealand is ready for new ways to quit smoking, because the old ways are not New Zealand Flagworking! Vaporizing is getting smokers to quit lighting up, the numbers are not lying! 3 million smokers have switched to vape in America, 2.6 Million in England and over 2 million in Germany. Smokers believe vaporizing safe or safer then smokes.

Vaping is the choice smokers are turning to because vape products are stripped of the tar, gases and other toxins. Plus vaporizing is as close to the sensations of a cigarette as you can possible get. According to scoop.co a New Zealand based information provider for the country. The Government-paid smoking cessation workers with their patches and gum, sprays and medicine's (which have been related to suicides), are failing. There are now more ex-smokers in the country helping people quit with vape pens and e-juice then there are paid smoking cessation practitioners! Ex smokers choose vape because they feel healthier than their smoking days! Ex smokers know that vaporizing safe versus their old habit of torching up has improved their life versus their old habit!

The article reads and I am quoting from scoop.com-“Are we really going to get all puritanical about people using nicotine if it’s in a form that is no more harmful than their coffee addiction. Governments are imposing draconian, non-evidence-based bans and restrictive laws and taxes to stop smokers switching to vaping, to stop further evolution of vaping products and to even outright ban the sale of the hardware and the e-liquids”?

It's true tax revenues are down from big tobacco due to vaping. It's true you can commission a study to prove anything unhealthy. Eat too many vitamins could kill you, working out can be an addiction leading to eating disorders, live on a fried food diet and chances are your life's gonna be cut short. From considering limiting the size of fountain pop to the negative press of vaping, the government needs to stop.

New Zealanders are saying “Perhaps it’s time for public health and goverment to stand aside and let smokers help themselves now that there is something better than smoking that they can switch to”? Read more here: On Vaporizing Safe versus Smoking

There really are some exciting things coming to the world of vapor! Organic Vapor Juice is part of the evolution. There are companies that are producing vapor products that are stocked with a little caffeine to boost your day. E-juice producers are developing organic vapor juice with B12 vitamins and other vitamins and minerals.

The industry itself understands it was derived as a smoking alternative. Statistics show that most e-juice products sold contain the lowest amount of nicotine available .6 to 0% nicotine! People switching from smoking to vaporizing seem to want to be backing off the nicotine. With the trend of less nicotine the industry is listening and offering alternatives.

To understand what organic vapor juice is you first must understand the definition of organic:     or·gan·ic:
1. of, relating to, or derived from living matter. "organic soils"

  • Chemistry: of, relating to, or denoting compounds containing carbon (other than simple binary compounds and salts) and chiefly or ultimately of biological origin.
  • (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

Organic Vapor Juice contains natural ingredients and flavoring. The industry believes e-liquid, maddried tobaccoe from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, would provide you the ultimate vaping experience. Banana flavored e-juice being flavored with real banana’s-that’s organic.

Nicotine itself is taken from a plant and is organic, in fact nicotine has been proven to help with anxiety, ulcer colitis, depression, Parkinson’s disease and even diabetes! ...continue reading Organic Vapor Juice

Why are cigarettes and traditional tobacco products such as cigars and pipes soVapecommonsense.com E-CIGARETTE expensive? Well they are heavily taxed and one of the reasons they are heavily taxed is based on they have been proven to cause health problems. Grouped in with alcohol which also has its own proven track record of adverse effects on health nicotine has cost our country. The Government takes more than its fair share of all tobacco and alcohol sales in the United States. Health contributes more than its fair share of reasoning for the taxation along with luxury.

Is the government losing money on vaporization of nicotine? The answer is a big fat YES! As the technology gets better and vaporizing becomes the exact same sensation as a real cigarette they stand to lose a good deal of tax revenue. In an economy that is less than prosperous and tax revenue not flowing in as it once was vaporizing and e-cigarettes are going to be scrutinized, investigated and analyzed for taxing by government.

Vapor vs Smoke is cheaper right now. The nicotine is not taxed like it is in cigarettes! Every smoker that switches to vapor just cost the government a $7 pack of smokes per day. Smokers are flocking to vaporizing not only because they feel better and healthier! Smokers save on average $35 per week or $140 per month. Vapor vs Smoke is healthier for your wallet! ...continue reading Vapor vs Smoke