The “I Vape, I Vote” Roar Influences 2016 Elections!

Vaping has claimed its 1st victim, she didn’t die instead voters kicked New Mexico Democrat Rep. Elizabeth Thomson out of office for her baseless attacks on vapor products and the people who use them. Read More 

Vaping has taken millions of users away from smoking, and voters are fed up with the rhetoric and senseless laws being introduced regarding vaping and e-cigs. Cigarette sales are plummeting and the tax dollars collected are hitting states in the wallet. This motivator alone impels politicians to cry for more taxes on vaping (which clearly isn’t smoking) it also fuels the fire to label vaping as unsafe, untested with unsubstantiated rumors that vaping is more harmful than smoking! These are clearly blatant lies.

In 2016 if you vape you vote and you need the facts. Facts are England is incorporating vaping into their health plan to get smokers off the cancer sticks. They deem vaping and e-cigs 95% safer than lighting up. Democrat or Republican vote for vape and vote against any public vaping bans or politicians that can't get the facts strait.

The center for disease control has stated over 9 million Americans have quit smoking to vaping. It’s a public health revolution and in 2016 Vapors have numbers and must vote to support “I Vape, I Vote”!    


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