E-Cigars Changing Golf Forever

Vaping Golf
E-Cigars and Golfing

It’s likely you’ll see more then Tiger Woods and Jim Nantz on the PGA tour in 2016. You just may see some of your favorite golfers Vaping! Vaporcade is a company that has developed an E-Cigar. Their goal is full cigar flavor while taking the illness, toxicity and even the stink out of enjoying a refreshing flavorful smoke. Vaporcade’s E-Cigars can be thrown in your back pocket during your back swing and never leave you and your foursome smelling like a cigar.

Having organizations like the PGA Tour look at alternatives to cigars and cigarettes is exactly what the vaping industry is all about. Golfers have all witnessed the cigarette and cigar butts tossed around the course and greens. We have all been in a cigar filled club house and smelled the leftovers from the party the night before. Vaping takes away the stink and the waste left around the course. As American Politics fights vaping, America’s golf game see’s the benefits to keeping their players alive, healthier and able to enjoy nicotine without disturbing anyone else! Never mess with a lighter or matches in the wind again, and celebrate a relaxing round with friends with an E-Cigar. Please read this press release from Vaporcade on what they presented at the show and plans for the PGA in 2016.

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