Common Sense-Vaporizer Smoke Shop

Isn't it time for you to start using "Common Sense" when it comes to nicotine? Common Sense is a "Modern Day Vaporizer Smoke Shop" we offer you alternatives to traditional methods of using nicotine. You'll find smoking alternatives that will save you a considerable amount of money versus traditional nicotine methods. These products include:

  • Top Selling Vaping Hardware and Accessories
  • Name Brand-Best Selling E-Juice
  • Locally Made Gourmet E-Juice
  • Hookah
  • Shisha - World Leading Brands
  • Hemp Clothing
  • Seedless Name Brand Clothing
  • Locally Made Hemp Products
  • Decor and Posters
  • Incense from all Corners of the Globe

People are turning to Common Sense primarily to enjoy the benefits of nicotine without the huge expense. As a leading vaporizer smoke shop we take pride in offering the finest vaporizers available on the market today. Getting you as close to that smoking experience without actually having to light up.

Turning to vaping not only saves you money! The E-juice we sell contains little to none of the harmful ingredients you can find in traditional cigarettes. I’m Monty Hagedorn Common Sense Montyisn't it time for you to start using “Common Sense”? Stop burning and start vaping! You can burn over 80 dollars for a carton of smokes. Cigarettes contain over 43 known cancer causing compounds in a single smoke. Or you can use “Common Sense” and vape any of our gourmet flavors.

Vape coffee, fruit, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and tobacco flavored e-juices! Common Sense offers you over two hundred tasty E-juice Flavors to choose from.

Common Sense offers you the best prices on leading edge vaporizers and e-cig products in Sioux Falls. Refilling a new E-juice a week will run you around $8 bucks versus a $7 dollar daily smoking habit!   Do you smoke (Cough)? Love nicotine hate the hacking and hacking up all that money? Visit Common Sense across from the post office downtown.

Vaping offers a new generation of nicotine fans a way better, less expensive, publicly friendly option to blaze. Are you vaping or are you thinking of vaping "Just Use Common Sense”! Common Sense, Downtown, Sioux Falls "A Modern Day Vaporizer Smoke Shop"!



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